"Never Fade Away" by John O'Callaghan feat. Lo-Fi Sugar


2009. Brought a beautiful collaboration between Lo-Fi Sugar and John O’Callaghan, Ireland’s #1 DJ on his first ever artist album entitled 'Never Fade Away' released on Armada. Lo-Fi Sugar contributed vocals for 2 tracks including the title track and “Every Lesson Learned". John O'Callaghan



Heather's high-spirited lyrics and her amazing vocal quality have graced albums by top international producers such as Paul Van Dyk, John O’callaghan, StarChasers, Armin Van Buren, Kuffdam, DJ Ceeryl, and many more ... johnocallaghan.net

The Album is doing partticularly well on the Dance floors all over the globe and already a number of renowned Producers and DJ's are coming out with amazing remixes.

Music and Production - John O’callaghan

Lyrics and Vocal performance - Heather Pollock

Vocal production - Jean Marc Brissat




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