"DESTINATION H" Written and Directed by Brent Bambic



A Trailer for the Film Destination H Written and Directed by director Brent Bambic.

Tagline: Hell is only the beginning

Logline: On a camping trip a group of high school seniors hike to a haunted burial ground, witness a satanic ritual, and become ensnared in the devil’s grip.



Chad Moore, a high school senior and aspiring filmmaker, wants to take a trip with his new car, a gift for his 18th Birthday.  He and his friends, Kevin and Tom, decide the to go on a camping trip, but to make things interesting they choose to visit an old burial ground in the local woods.

Chad and Kevin invite their girlfriends, Jenny and Lisa, for the weekend camping trip.  Chad is highly intuitive, and he gets premonitions or “impressions” that there’s danger, but is unsure about their meaning.

The camping trip starts out fun enough, with the boys’ first visit to the burial ground yielding very little and necessitating a return visit, at night, to get more footage for a short film Chad’s making.  However, the visit does introduce the subject of ghosts and at the campfire that night Lisa attempts to “summon” a ghost to prove they do not exist.

Later that night when Chad and Kevin return to the burial ground, Chad sees some type of bizarre satanic ritual.  Stunned by this experience, Chad and Kevin rush back to the campsite to try to make sense of what just happened.  Kevin remains somewhat disbelieving since it was only Chad who saw the “entities”.

At this time Jenny discovers that Lisa is missing, and they must find her.  The option of contacting the local Ranger is brought up and dismissed.  After all, because of an obscure text from Lisa, they decide that she must’ve simply went to meet the boys at the burial ground, and got lost.  To avoid issues with the Ranger and since ghosts “don’t exist”, they decide to search for her on their own.

Their return to the burial ground brings terror as they discover Lisa was impaled by the vertical portion of a wooden grave marker.  One by one, they receive mysterious texts which say, “Join Us”.   Soon they realize the text is an invitation to death, and each remaining teen must face the antics of the devil and a horrific game of life and death.




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