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My Studio comes with a large sample library for: SFX/ Sound Design/ Foley (I like to also record a lot of my own)  as well as some of the best cinematic synths on the market… The room is perfectly set up with an isolation booth for ADR recording and editing... On a special note: I have a few thousand hours producing (Often co-directing) Narration/ Voice Over/ ADR (in 24 different languages so far) ...For all type of media such as Films, Audio Books (about 300 releases) Lectures, Tutorials, animations, Infomercials... And a variety of Vocal Performances.

Jean Marc Brissat.


"Sawed in Half" feat. Andrea Mezvinsky


Andrea Mezvinsky -- SAWED IN HALF!

SAWED IN HALF is created by and stars ANDREA MEVZINSKY, whose credits include the CBS movie Open Admissions; Comedy Shorts on Bravo; the Indy film Gratuitous Sex, plus the Off-Broadway hit comedy Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral. A stand-up comic, Andrea has left audiences in stitches at venues from Caroline’s on Broadway to the Comedy Stop in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City. She also performed around the Vegas Strip as part of The World Series of Comedy.


Andrea MezvinskyCrowned 'America's Funniest Mom' on the Oprah Winfrey Show, ANDREA MEVZINSKY opens May 6 in her new solo show, SAWED IN HALF, at The Complex’s Ruby Theatre in Hollywood. Be prepared to laugh yourself silly as one woman's competing roles of wife, mother, lover, and performer collide. Seeking guidance from her two closest role models -- her spry but dead Jewish grandmother and her artistic, neurotic, feminist mother -- Andrea tries to abide by all the old rules before realizing that, in the game of life, a woman has to make her own.




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