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Jean Marc Brissat.

Being a good producer is not just about cutting good tracks. It's about producing an artist! It's having the ability to create a sound around the artist's image and to create this image in collaboration with the artist. When the artist and the producer are on this same wavelength, there is no limit on the creative flow. The "one" and only focus is to make more music!  You then find yourself not just making tracks.

You are producing records.

Quadrilogy by Lo-Fi Sugar. 2009


This Beautiful Album production, in 4 chapters, features the many facets of Heather Pollock's versatility and talent. A Chef d'Oeuvre of sonic imagery and eclectic mixes that ranges from Traditional All-American Roots to the truly Avant-garde spectrum of the electronic world.

WORLD MASH "Collective" 2008



Saba Saba introduced me to the crew while they were touring the west coast. Right after a badass show at the ROXY. They came down to my studio wanting to lay down some flow. The only reason I should mention this is that as a music producer (and a sucker for a good time in the studio) I was served. Yeah: The only thing I can say about this lot is that when they invade your studio, it isn't to waste any time, and If they come a little stronger than the usual rapper hip-hopper full of small talk, well God Damned there is a freaking reason.

Remi Kabaka "Past, Present and Future" 2008


The legendary percussionist and exquisite drummer from Nigeria Remi Kabaka's new release says it all.A fantastic compilation of the great and ageless African Standards; Remi Kabaka's playground! Internationally known master drummer, Remi Kabaka, is currently in Los Angeles performing his new album titled “The Past, Present and The Future.

SHAKALAKA "Safe and massive" 2004


shakalaka fais dodo

The first Shakalaka release is a perfect blend of Chris Piper's and Jean-Marc Brissat's Musical influences, coming from all African roots and conscious lyrics. we wanted to give a new feel to what toasting usually might sound like and try to get all kind of different vibes from Zouk to African beats Mixed with RnB, house, reggae or Arabic Influence.

Hawa Ya Hawa by Adam Ferris 2009


Hawa Ya Hawa, since it's release April 2009 has been playing full rotation (Radio and Television) on all major network in the middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, etc )

Adam Ferris: Lyrics and Vocal performances and producer of the music video. Jean marc brissat: Music Production and mix. Mark Tyson: Guitars.


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