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The main object of this site is for you to explore the ever growing catalogue of music that we produce.On collaboration with artists performers in a single or album format or targeted to various projects such as film,advertisement, animation, remixes, the web... All material presented on this site is the property of a.m.p (Ascap) and the artists featured and is protected by copyright law. Enjoy the tracks !

Jean Marc Brissat.

Being a good producer is not just about cutting good tracks. It's about producing an artist! It's having the ability to create a sound around the artist's image and to create this image in collaboration with the artist. When the artist and the producer are on this same wavelength, there is no limit on the creative flow. The "one" and only focus is to make more music!  You then find yourself not just making tracks.

You are producing records.

SHAKALAKA "Safe and massive" 2004


The first Shakalaka release is a perfect blend of Chris Piper's and Jean-Marc Brissat's Musical influences, coming from all African roots and conscious lyrics.we wanted to give a new feel to what toasting usually might sound like and try to get all kind of different vibes from Zouk to African beats Mixed with RnB, house, reggae or Arabic Influence.

SPINACH "We Ventured And We Won"


Spinach was formed in 1994 and became one of the must sees , on the LA club Circuit; often sharing the stage with: the big blue missiles –Steel James(co-writer with :stone temple pilot) Polar Bear (ex:Janes Addictions bass player) Amber sea (electric sky church)The Capsules, Miss Galaxy, The flys, Gwen mars, Izzy the pusher, 4 Star Mary, Moon pools and Caterpillars, Issa Jones, The Enginear, Southpaw Operator Ursa Minor, Drag Beat, La Gente del Pueblo,Convertible, twenty cents crush and many many more!

Hawa Ya Hawa by Adam Ferris 2009


Hawa Ya Hawa, since it's release April 2009 has been playing full rotation (Radio and Television) on all major network in the middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, etc )

Adam Ferris: Lyrics and Vocal performances and producer of the music video. Jean marc brissat: Music Production and mix. Mark Tyson: Guitars.

Kalifornia Krazies by D.D.P 1994


Kalifornia Krazies by D.D.P 1994

D.D.P (Double Daydream Pie) was formed late 1991, only a few month after my arrival in the states .After playing a few year together and the loss of our guitar player, we decided to get more creative on the sound production renamed the band into Spinach.

The Techrock sound was born.