SHAKALAKA "Safe and massive" 2004


shakalaka fais dodo

The first Shakalaka release is a perfect blend of Chris Piper's and Jean-Marc Brissat's Musical influences, coming from all African roots and conscious lyrics. we wanted to give a new feel to what toasting usually might sound like and try to get all kind of different vibes from Zouk to African beats Mixed with RnB, house, reggae or Arabic Influence.


Featured Musicians and Performers

Christopher Loyd Piper: Lyrics,Vocal Performances.
Jean Marc Brissat: Music, Arrangements and Production, Mix
Bass, percussions, keys, backing vocals.
Cosmo Jones: Drums, Guitars
Daniel Lopalito: Keyboards.
Jonathan Mitchell: Percussions.
Amara Wilson: Backing vocals.
Amelie M'baye: Backing vocals.
Queen Ella: Backing vocals.
Jennifer L. Warren: Add. Vocals.
Martin sullivan:Trombone.
Dave Wilson: Sax, flute.
Tak Tanaka: Guitar.
Raffi Demoyan: French horn.



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