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Jean-Marc Brissat.

"Out of the Blue" by The Sitka Rose Band


sitka rose band main2The Sitka Rose Band gives birth to a lyrical partnership called "Out of the Blue." Musical Sparks from the Land of the Valley Fire.

"Out of the Blue," by The Sitka Rose Band, is a lyrical musical collaboration between two friends, Jim Gilkeson and Jon Green. "Out of the Blue" began as a handful of bare-bones compositions, “musical canvases” for other musicians to “paint” on. The "canvases" and "paintbrushes" in the first batch of pieces were the chordal melodies of Jim Gilkeson and the versatile lead guitar of Jon Green. Eventually, five original compositions became sixteen full-grown pieces by both Jim and Jon and "Out of the Blue" was born!


Movie Music?

It's easy to imagine this music in films or documentaries. More than once, listeners have commented on the cinematic quality of this collection. One of our aspirations for the pieces from this collection is for them to find their way into film, documentaries, instructional videos and YouTube.





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