TV SHOW: My Zen Trendy - Season 1 & 2 Hosted by Val Kahl


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Join the trend-spotter, Val Kahl, to hunt some exquisite foods, current lifestyle and well-being locations in California.


Val will share with you her experience with local creators and healthy trendsetters in a marvellous journey around organic, Zen-eco-friendly places. This show will keep you on the pulse of all the new trends for living a better life and “Feeling Good”. Val Kahl will explore with you the art of living "Made in California", the latest fashion on beauty, zen store, and real-life encounters with the up and coming California cuisine top chefs.



My Zen TV is a lifestyle channel created in 2008. Our channel offers coaching programmes, magazines and entertaining shows to live your life better.

My Zen TV is available in French, English, Spanish, Russian and Turkish on pay-TV networks across more than 40 countries: Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Canada.


Val Kahl in the boothVal Kahl in the sound booth for a quick wrap-up session at ampmix studio. Putting the last finish on a pretty intense end of the year post-production marathon... Before heading to the party!

Val Kahl is an on-screen journalist, TV host and producer based in Los Angeles. The face of French entertainment channel NRJ12 for years, Val has recently stepped into the role of pop culture correspondent between Paris and Los Angeles, producing content and technical shooting needs for all media.

Along with her green bike, she will share with you the experience of crossing local creators, founders, and influencers in a marvellous journey around organic, eco-friendly and Zen places. This show will keep you update on the new lifestyle trends to live your life better and make you “Feel Good”. Val Kahl will also let you explore the art of living Made in California, the trends on beauty and zen store, and the encounters with chefs of current healthy food. Discover the “California Peace and Zen”!

Val Kahl, entre yoga avec les chèvres et belles autos

Valérie Kahl, dite “Val Kahl”, ne marche pas… Elle court (exception faite de sa dizaine d’heures hebdomadaires de “hot yoga”). A la tête de la société FrenchFries Production, la pétulante blonde enchaîne les projets.

En ce moment, elle a la tête tournée vers la saison 2 de son émission de lifestyle “My Zen Trendy” (saison 1 de 22 épisodes diffusée en ce moment sur en France). “Elle propose un trip à travers la Californie pour connaître les derniers concepts et tendances bio et de bien-être, allant à la rencontre de personnes et d’activités, des plus dingues aux plus zen”, résume-t-elle.




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